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Calling all Heritage buffs

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To get involved and organise heritage events 6-15 September 2024

2024 sees the country’s largest festival of history and culture returning to Gosport on 6-15 September, 30 years after Heritage Open Days (HODs) started. Now Gosport HODS is looking for event organisers, history buffs and volunteers itching to get involved.

The 2024 European heritage routes, networks and connections theme looks at how people and ideas have come together. Anyone with ideas around transport routes, communication networks, trade unions and social clubs is invited to get involved.

For Gosport this could mean walks or talks featuring the Gosport Lines, land or sea defences or around inventions from Henry Court and his pig iron, to the Millennium bridge or others in Gosport. There are so many stories here just waiting to be uncovered, but organisers are now needed to tell them!

People or organisations with ideas around the theme (or not) just need to contact us and the Events Team will work with them to help with speakers, venues, equipment, promotional materials, free public liability insurance and whatever is needed to deliver their event.

Terry Rhodes, Chair of Gosport Heritage Open Days says:

“This European Heritage theme is an opportunity to travel these roads, routes and paths of history to discover what we can learn from our ancient routes, business establishments, social clubs, post houses, towers and fortifications today. It is a chance to explore how Gosport’s heritage is connected to a wide variety of influences.”

Terry continued:

“In 2023 we had over 24,000 visitors enjoying our 69 events and saw 90% of visitors rating our events either very enjoyable or enjoyable. If you haven’t before, do make this the year you reach out and get involved either by talking to us about a possible event, becoming a volunteer to help behind the scenes or meet the public. This is your chance to make the most of this incredible festival community network.”

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