Gosport pioneered Heritage Open Days (HODs) by participating in the first pilot programme back in 1992 and has been bringing you quality events ever since. This year more local events showcase our wealth of heritage, provide variety for all ages and interests, and bring new events keeping our programme fresh and exciting.

Nationally, HODs now celebrate nearly 30 years as England’s largest festival of history and culture.

Local success – The popularity of Heritage Open Days goes from strength to strength in Gosport. Every year, over 10 days, we hold up to  70 informative and interesting events that attract over 16,000 visits. People came from near and far to explore our little town.

Gosport Heritage Open Days could not take place without amazing local people who are willing to give their time and support. As well as the many dedicated volunteers who open up their buildings, plan tours or put on special activities, we have a small team of able and willing people who work towards co-ordinating and promoting all the wonderful heritage attractions which happen in Gosport during Heritage Open Days.

Special thanks to the Gosport Tourist Information Centre who cheerfully deal with thousands of enquiries and bookings for our events.

How can you help?

If you have…

  • Ideas for future Heritage Open Days events in Gosport
  • or maybe own an old building that you think others may be keen to see
  • or if you have an interest in heritage and a little spare time to help make things happen

…then contact us for a chat.  We’d welcome you to our team of volunteers.

Tel/Text: 07531 001003

Email: info@gosportheritage.co.uk