You are currently viewing Arthur’s Garden: Up the Garden Path, Down Memory Lane – with Pam Rhodes

Arthur’s Garden: Up the Garden Path, Down Memory Lane – with Pam Rhodes

Did you miss this interesting live online Zoom chat with Pam Rhodes?

Well, you can listen to the 45-minute audio recording of it HERE

Pam gave a relaxed summary of her career in broadcasting and how that led her to write books.  She’s on her 26th book right now!   She shared pieces from her recent book, Arthur’s Garden, and encouraged the small but happy audience to join in with their own memories.



In this online webinar, Pam will explore her heart-warming collection of songs and poems, advice and titbits about the glorious, very ordinary, English garden – told through the life of her Uncle Arthur. This is a gardening book, with a story.

Quote from Pam:

The Battle of Britain had been fought in the skies above that garden. Generations of children had scraped their knees, searched for caterpillars and played hide and seek there. There had been countless chats over early morning cuppas and sighs at the beauty of the setting sun at the end of a long day. New grandchildren had been introduced and much-loved friends and family mourned with warm memories and laughing reminiscences. And all the while, year after year, Arthur’s green fingers had nurtured cuttings and seedlings into bloom in a cycle of nature that reflected the circle of our family life.

Arthur’s Garden could be your garden. Each Springtime blossom or mow of the summer lawn brings to mind the years of our lives, the friends we’ve loved, the moments we’ve shared. In any garden, I find myself thinking of Arthur. Who do you think of?

Pam has strong Gosport links, having grown up locally from 1963, and returning frequently to visit family in the area from her home in Bedfordshire.

Duration approx. 45 minutes.


For thirty years, Pam’s been the familiar face of BBC Television’s ‘SONGS OF PRAISE’, presenting programmes from tiny country churches to huge outside broadcasts. In the course of that, she’s met everyone from The Pope to Dolly Parton! She has her own weekly PREMIER RADIO programme, as well as being a regular presenter of PAUSE FOR THOUGHT on Radio 2. She writes for the UK national newspaper, the Daily Mail, and is also a successful mainstream author of more than twenty popular novels and factual books.


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