Registration Form 2022

If you have any queries on how to fill out the registration  form, please contact the GHODs team on 07531 001 003 (Maria) or email

Insurance Summary

All questions marked with * on the Registration form must be answered

Part 1: ORGANISER FORM (contact details and agreement - internal use only)

The GHODs team will use these contacts to communicate with you throughout the cycle.  All promotional material will be sent to the address you provide here.

Job title/Role
Contact address (not for publication)
Telephone (alternative)
Emergency contact - name and telephone number
I am happy for my data to be made available to other HODs organisers.
PRESS CONTACT. Each event should have a press contact whose details we can pass on to journalists on request. (A media toolkit with tips on managing the media is available from the HODs team). Please tick if you are happy for your contact details to be given to the media.
If you are not available for media enquiries, please name another person in your organisation.
Alternative press contact E-mail:
Alternative press contact telephone

PLEASE NOTE: Our Gosport HODs Team act as a Hub for local events. We are happy to register your event on your behalf, using the information you have supplied on this form.  If this is the case, you are then signing this agreement with Gosport HODs to confirm that you understand and comply with all matters as stated below.

The 'Organiser ' is our main contact within your organisation and will receive our mailings, newsletters and marketing pack.  They are responsible for registering the events and signing this agreement on behalf of the organisation that they work or volunteer for (or themselves, where they are the owner or operator of the relevant attraction).  The National Trust requires that each Heritage Open Days (HODs) Organiser completes and signs a Registration Form for every year they participate in HODs.

By completing and submitting this Registration Form, you confirm that you, and any other volunteers named in the Organiser form (Registration Form: Part 1) (the 'Co-organisers), have read and accepted HODs' entry criteria and terms and conditions of participation, including the insurance requirements.  You further confirm that you and any other Co-organisers with to organise and run the opening of the property/event listed in you Event form (Registration Form: Part 2) as part of HODs 2022.

As a HODs Organiser and in return for the National Trust providing you with assistance and guidance in respect of HODs 2021 you acknowledge and confirm that:

  • The details submitted in parts 1 & 2 of the Registration form are correct insofar as you are reasonably aware and if there are any changes to this information, that you will inform the HODs office immediately and publicise all changes as quickly as reasonably possible (e.g. via posters, written notice outside property, press etc.).

  • You and any Co-organisers are responsible for overseeing the participation of the property/event that you have listed in the Entry Form (Registration Form Part 2) and confirm you wish to participate as part of the HODs programme.

  • You will co-operate with any local press volunteer/s or other Co-organisers in the development and use of any associated publicity and marketing materials.

  • You and any Co-organisers will provide such information on request to HODs and the National Trust as is reasonably required relating to participating property/event and agree that HODs and the National Trust can receive, hold and process all such information.

  • The HODs logos, branding, associated artwork and all information, materials and other property supplied by HODs (including all intellectual property, which for the avoidance of doubt, includes all copyrights, trademarks, domain names and rights protecting goodwill and reputation, whether registered or unregistered, and all applications of the same, anywhere in the world), remain the exclusive property of the National Trust.  As a HODs Organiser you, and any Co-organisers, agree to use the HODs'  logo and associated artwork on a non-exclusive basis and only for the duration of your participation in the HODs' 2022 programme and for any related purposes agreed by HODs and the National Trust.

  • You and any Co-signers will ensure any property/events taking part in the HODs programme this year are provided with a copy of the insurance cover summary, and that any requisite insurance for participating in HODs will be in place.

  • Any information provided will only be used in relation to HODs and not passed to any third party without your permission.


Part 2: Event Form

This is your chance to tell visitors about your opening/event (the information will be published in our online event directory). Please complete one copy of this form for each participating property/event.

1. What makes this a Heritage Open Days event? (All events must be completely FREE to access and at least one of these must apply)*
2. Title - What is the name of your site/event? (Something short and snappy)*
3. Would the event be digital or in-person? (If you need any help in creating a digital event, please contact us and someone from the digital team will be in touch)

4.  Where is it happening? (Address or meeting point details)

Add any tips or local markers that will help visitors find you.
Is event on a bus route?
If yes, what number?

5.  What's on offer?  (please give as full and interesting description that you can)

Tell visitors what they can see/do:
Do any of the following apply?
What is the duration of event? (Please give an estimate if not a set length)

6.  When is it?  (please use 24 hour style, e.g. 1000 - 1600,  Tour 1100 & 1400)

Friday 9 September
Saturday 10 September
Sunday 11 September
Monday 12 September
Tuesday 13 September
Wednesday 14 September
Thursday 15 September
Friday 16 September
Saturday 17 September
Sunday 18 September
7. How suitable is the site/event?
8. Onsite Facilities
9. Is there anything else visitors should know?
10. Do you need any promotional materials?

Ticketing details for bookable events

Only complete this section if you wish your event to be bookable

If visitors need to pre-book, how should they do this?
Are the numbers limited? (e.g. max 25 per tour)
Meeting Point (including postcode/landmark)
Are children allowed?
If yes, is there a minimum age?
Is photography allowed?
Visitor arrival time
Is car registration needed?
Do visitors need to bring tickets?
Is photo ID needed?
Are bag searches necessary?
Is there anything else visitors need to know, for example, suitable footwear, bug spray etc?

The remaining information is for internal use only and will NOT be published

11. Do you need any Volunteers? For example: to help as a sheepdog or collecting Visitor Feedback forms.

12.  Do you need insurance?  (Please read the Insurance Summary before ticking any boxes)

Do you need insurance? (Please read the Insurance Summary before ticking any boxes) We only admit entries that either comply with HODs Insurance policy arranged by Pavey Group on behalf of HODs or have their own insurance arrangements. Please select one of the following options and delete / complete accordingly:
Name of insurer
Policy number
13. Filming - Sometimes the media are interested in broadcasting from or filming at sites, are you happy for this site/event to be offered for broadcasting/filming, possible at short notice?