Volunteer Coordinator Role Description


This is voluntary role which involves mainly working from home but will include visiting locations within Gosport as required.

Hours of work would be flexible. As this is a new role we have estimated five hours per week, maybe more/less dependent on the time of year.

The Volunteer Coordinator will hold a place on the Gosport Heritage Open Days Management Committee and will be expected to attend or report to the monthly meetings on a Thursday morning.

Typical work activities

  • Researching and writing volunteer policies and procedures.
  • Liaising with sub-groups within Gosport Heritage Open Days or with organisations for which they are recruiting volunteers (e.g. event organisers).
  • Generating appropriate volunteering opportunities and role descriptions based on the needs of the organisation.
  • Ensuring there is appropriate support and training for volunteers.
  • Promoting volunteering through recruitment and publicity strategies and campaigns.
  • Recruiting volunteers and ensuring they are appropriately matched and trained for a position.
  • Providing inductions and training.
  • Monitoring, supporting, motivating and accrediting volunteers and their work.
  • Celebrating volunteering by nominating volunteers for awards.
  • Offering advice and information to volunteers through face-to-face, telephone and email contact.
  • Identifying profile-raising opportunitites to attract new volunteers.
  • Keeping up to date with legislation and policy related to volunteering and making any necessary modifications to accommodate changes.
  • Monitoring and evaluating activities and hours worked by volunteers.
  • Maintaining databases and undertaking any other administrative duties.

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