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On the morning of 5th June 1944 the small yet powerful HMS Medusa set off from Portland on the South Coast of England and began the 90 mile journey across the English Channel to participate in the D-Day landings in Normandy. Taking on a key role as Navigation Leader, Medusa positioned herself on the outskirts of a known German minefield to act as a marker for Allied minesweepers. In order to accurately locate the minefield Medusa was fitted with the most up to date and advanced navigation technology of the day, so advanced in fact that she was fitted with demolition technology to counter the equipment falling into enemy hands should she be captured!

Following this role at D-Day in May 1945 Medusa went on to have another pivotal role, this time in VE-Day and the surrender of the German forces. On 4th May Medusa set out from Sheerness in Kent this time on course for the Dutch port of IJmuiden. Medusa was the first Allied vessel to reach the Netherlands and over the course of the next few days she supported US troops as they liberated the country on VE-Day.

Medusa holds special historic significance as she is the last of her class, Harbour Defence Motor Launch, still in seafaring condition. As such she is one of the vessels selected to represent the nation’s maritime heritage as part of the National Historic Fleet. HMS Medusa is now cared for by The Medusa Trust, a charity whose aims are to allow the public the opportunity to experience what it was like to be on a small vessel so closely involved in WWII activity.

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