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Growing up in the 50s: Part 2 (Event from 2023)


Illustrated Talk

Gosport by Nosenew events

ichard Martin Gallery, 19-23 Stoke Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1LS

Peter Cardy was born in Avenue Road in 1947 and has vivid memories and stories of the town in the 50s, then just starting to recover from the war, with austerity and rationing dominating everyday life.

By the mid-50s Peter had developed an obsession with the sea and sailing that has lasted his entire life, first on the boating lake, then on the creeks around Portsmouth Harbour. Based on his recordings for Fareport Talking News, he describes sailing small boats from the headwaters of the Harbour down to its turbulent mouth and out into the Solent. The journeys were marked by the changing smells: rich mud in the sun at low tide; the awful sewage plants; the ships of the Mothball Fleet; the Hoof and Horn Factory; tar on the beach at Stokes Bay; steam, coal, and breakfast on the Isle of Wight paddle steamer. Peter tells these commonplace stories in an unforgettable way.

Visitors will be invited to contribute their own recollections.

Duration 90 minutes.

Event Times

Thursday 14 September: 1930-2100

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Pre-booking: Required
Please self book, but if you experience any difficulties please contact us.

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There is on-road parking on Stoke Road (especially useful for Blue Badge holders) and nearby car parks to the rear in Jamaica Place.

Additional Information

This is the second part of a fascinating talk by Peter. You can just enjoy one or book in for both.

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Peter Cardy