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St Mark’s Churchyard Tour (Event from 2023)


Guided Tour

St Marks Road, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 2DA

A Guided tour of St Mark’s Cemetery, covering the history of the site of St Mark’s church and some of the famous people buried there.

The guided tour will cover the influence of Robert Cruickshank in the building of the church as part of his building of Crescent Road and his vision to create ‘Angelseyville’ within the village of Alverstoke in the mid-19th century as a spa venue to rival Bath.

The guide will describe the demise and demolition of the church in the early 20th century and at the same time develop the stories connected to the eight admirals and six generals interred in the cemetery, together with the histories and local links to some of the 260 people buried there.

Duration 60 mins + Q & A’s.

Event Times

Friday 8 September: 1000 & 1200
Saturday 9 September: 1000
Wednesday 13 September: 1000
Sunday 17 September: 1000 & 1200

Booking Details

Pre-booking: Required
Please self book, but if you experience any difficulties please contact us.
Call: 07849399823 / 02392177392
Booking opens: 26 August 2023 09:30
Booking closes: 15 September 2023 17:00


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On-street parking is available in St Mark’s Road and Crescent Road. Space between gravestones is rather narrow in some places but wheelchairs can get to most of the site, which is level. The Churchyard is relatively small so no need to walk far, but seating is not available on site. A good event for those who don’t like crowds, also for sensory experiences of touch and smell.

Additional Information

Please arrive 15 mins before start. Refreshments and toilets are available at The Anglesey Hotel, just opposite.

Organised by

Friends of St Marks



Just off the junction with Crescent Road, opposite the Anglesey Hotel.