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FILM is held at the Wessex Film and Sound Archive: https://www.hants.gov.uk/librariesand… and you can see full details of this item on their online catalogue. If you’d like to see it in full or order a copy simply contact them on enquiries.archives@hants.gov.uk


AV6/M18 Newsreel: Gosport, Fareham, Southsea and Southampton 1936   (11:03)

Link to video of Gosport, Fareham, Southsea and Southampton 1936 This film is a record of various events in the year 1936. Titles: Our cameraman reports from the Queen Mary prior to her maiden voyage to New York. Large, white hulled liner at Southampton. (Probably one of the Canadian Pacific Empress class). General view showing a lot of liners berthed at Southampton. Queen Mary with paddle boat in the foreground for comparison of size. Closer views of Queen Mary from quayside showing bridge wings and promenade deck. Titles: Let’s compare it with the Berengaria. Camera pans to compare ships, both 3 funnellers. At Gosport. The launching of T O M Sopwith’s new racing yacht Endeavour at Camper & Nicholson boatyard. Titles: back on the slip way to be fitted out. International model yacht racing on Gosport’s yachting lake, Walpole Park. British boat wins. Rows of cars under national flags (including the Nazi flag of Germany), alongside the lake. Title: The British boat wins. Titles: Fareham. The carnival on August Bank Holiday. Street procession with many floats, all horse drawn. Titles: The Carnival Queen, Miss Nellie Hoad. Floats including the Queen Mary, a jungle scene with tiger etc At Gosport. The carnival at Walpole Park on Wednesday, August 5th, 1936. Fire engine. Lifeboat. Marchers. Motorised and horse drawn floats. Gunton Bros, fruiterers, 46 High Street. Ritz cinema poster on one float. Bishops for Moccasin shoes. Kodak model girl in bathing suit. Red Cross. Miss Queenie Pumfrey who is Miss Gosport 1936. Southsea Motor Races. Push start for cars on what looks like the Eastern Road. The Carnival fever reaches Portsmouth. Naval band. Caravan disguised as an elephant.

AV 1078/1-3 Gosport in the 1950s (18:32)

Link to video of AV 1078/1-3 Gosport in the 1950s

“The Changing Face of Gosport”

These 3 films show life in Gosport in the 1950s including the Queen Mother visiting, Bridgemary Senior Sunday School Outing in 1956, and Easter Monday at Old Winchester Hill and East Meon in 1959.



AV6 M18 Gosport Carnival 1934  (03:27)

Link to video of Gosport Carnival 1934





AV57:1 Earl Haig in Gosport 1921  (15:52)

Link to video of Earl Haig in Gosport 1921




AV6/M17 Coronation of King George VI, Portsmouth 1937  (07:30)

Link to video of Coronation of King George VI, Portsmouth 1937


Coronation: shots at random. Amateur film by C.A. Russell and Ken Craigie showing Gosport and Portsmouth celebrating the coronation of King George VI in 1937.


AFFR Full Montage  (1:07:13)

Link to video of AFFR Full MontageContains the following films:

AV43/4 Portsdown Hill Fair 1930 [Titles: Portsdown Hill, 1930] AV409/1 Prall Films: Activities at St. Thomas Church, Winchester [Titles: Winchester 1939-1945] AV409/14 Home Guard Winchester 1944-45 [Titles: Winchester 1939-1945] AV237/1 Sheppard family film 1939-45 [Titles: Winchester 1939-1945] –N.B This is actually Poole.
AV176/46 RAF Wedding (1930s) Colour, Silent [Titles: RAF Wedding 1939] AV105/14 Evacuees at Winchester 1939 [Titles: Winchester 1939] ©Winchester City Council collection. Provided by Hampshire Cultural Trust.
AV6/M184 Anderson Shelter 1939 [Titles: Gosport 1939] AV161/26/V1 ‘Rationing in Britain’, 1942-3 (sound) Kind permission from Imperial War Museum
AV567 (multiple clips) [Titles: Charminster 1940] AV338/3 Shop groups, home guard, NFS 1943 [Titles: Newbury 1943] AV45/4 Port of Achievement [Titles: Southampton] AV1105/3 Reg Curl Films: Reel 3* Including VE day celebrations Opens without titles them moves to: [Titles: VE Day Bishopstoke] Filmed by Mr Reg Curl of Bishopstoke.
AV409/52 Stubbington Carnival [Titles: None – on screen signage] AV665/1/V1 Lee White Laundry 1948 [Titles: Lee on Solent 1950s] AV1560/2 To be Nurse (1950s) [Titles: Southampton 1950s] AV1413/3 The Story of Milk (1950s) [Titles: Aldershot 1950s] AV768/65 Nursery school [Titles: Cookham 1950s] AV7/9 SOUTHAMPTON CELEBRATES [Titles: Southampton 1953] AV1214/3 Sellick films: reel 3* Christmas Day 1968 [Titles: Fareham 1968] AV1118/4 MacQueen Films – Family shots: Isle of Wight Trip & Eastleigh [Titles: Eastleigh 1960s] Old bus on a street in Eastleigh
AV7/352 Deanery diary [Titles: Southampton 1973] AV965/1 Queen’s Silver Jubilee street party in Basingstoke. [Titles: Silver Jubilee 1977] AV1124/1 Doug Till home movies – Southampton Family Scenes & the Isle of Wight [Titles: Locksheath 1982] Part of one of the sound films is muted for YouTube, due to copyright.

AV199/12 Cleife Films -Working Cutler (1970s) (02:07)

Link to video of Cleife Films -Working Cutler (1970s)

Shots of the truck of a working cutler. The painted sign on his cart reads: D A Roper, Working cutler, China and Glass Rivetter. Gosport. Shots of him pushing his cart around a village, and then setting about to work sharpening cutlery. Close up on his face as he works. Shots of his cart. Mr Roper himself wears a smart suit and bowler hat while at work.


AV9 2 Southsea Roller Rink and Seaside  (16:44)

Link to video of Southsea Roller Rink and Seaside

Southsea Roller Rink has all sorts of people taking advantage of this fast paced past time in the post war period. Some great shots of the miniature railway too.



AV1299/1 Bill Lewis films: Portsmouth & Southsea: At the seafront 1960s  (8:36)

Link to video of Bill Lewis films: Portsmouth & Southsea: At the seafront 1960s1960s. Model  boats race on a man made lake/reservoir in Gosport, Walpole Park, South Street.
Mother and son in an outdoor swimming pool – possibly Hilsea lido.
Portsmouth seen from Gosport. The Semaphore tower, and other landmarks seen. Naval ships at dock, indistinguishable in the footage.
Portsmouth power station (1894-1977) Footage taken from the Park at Mumby Road, just opposite the dockyard. The park has changed very little, but does now have a different fountain than the once seen in the footage. Manicured lawns and well kept flower beds. Hovercraft coming in.
Footage of the Solent from Southsea castle, with a view of the lighthouse. Shots of children playing in a shallow pool at ‘Children’s Corner’ Southsea, miniature railway is seen in the background.