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The following videos were all produced by David Moore, from Gosport.

David Moore is well-known to many Gosport people as he was a popular Junior school teacher for many years.   He is a font of knowledge on many different subjects and has a real passion and detailed knowledge of Victorian fortifications.   He has been a  Guide for Fort Rowner tours during Heritage Open Days every year.

These videos are of Victorian forts in Gosport or surrounding areas.   They are purely scenic and set to music for your relaxed enjoyment.  For detailed information about any of the forts shown here, we suggest you look at David’s websites and publications, which are all listed at the end of this page.

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Isle of Wight Forts (09:19)

Link to video of ISle of Wight Forts



The Victorian Forts on the Isle of Wight


Fort Brockhurst 2010  (04:34)

Link for video of Fort Brockhurst in 2010 - by David Moore
A Victorian Land Front Fort at Gosport Hampshire UK  

Fort Nelson 2010  (05:55)

Link for video of Fort Nelson 2010 by David Moore
A victorian land front fort on Portsdown Hill built to protect the northern approaches to Portsmouth

Fort Rowner 2010 (05:02)

A Victorian land front fort of the Gosport Advanced Line at Gosport, Hants UK

Fort Gilkicker 2010  (05:05)

Link for video of Fort Gilkicker 2010 by David Moore
A Victorian Coast Defence Battery at Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire UK

Fort Rowner 2012 (06:04)

A tour of a Victorian fort of the Gosport Advanced Line

Spitbank Fort 2012  (06:07)

Link for video of Spitbank Fort 2010 by David Moore
Conversion of one of the Victorian Spithead forts at Portsmouth to a luxury hotel by Clarence

Spithead Forts 2015  (03:59)

A journey around the four Spithead Forts at Portsmouth

Fort Fareham 2016 (05:33)

Link for video of Fort Fareham 2015 by David Moore
The largest and last of the great Victorian land forts defending Portsmouth

Spithead 2016  (05:19)

Link for video of Spithead 2016 by David Moore
A cruise around the Spithead Forts

Spithead Forts 2016  (04:10)

A cruise around Horse Sand and Spitbank Forts

Websites by David Moore

Historic Gosport        

Celebrating the History and Heritage of Gosport Buildings, People, Objects and Events

Victorian Forts and Artillery                

A website dedicated to the study of Victorian Forts and Batteries with associated artillery

Fort Gilkicker            A unique Victorian coastal defence battery


FULL list at

  • These booklets are published by David Moore.  Copies can be purchased via his website.
  • Some titles can also be purchased at the Royal Armouries Artillery Museum Fort Nelson, Gosport Tourist Information Office, Portsmouth City Museum and through The Stokes Bay Society.
  • Digital copies can be purchased for the personal use of the purchaser (copyright conditions apply) from here: Solent Papers digital downloads. Note: This uses PayPal.

Solent Papers

No.1 Spitbank and the Spithead Forts by Garry Mitchell & David Moore

No.2 The Needles Defences by Anthony Cantwell

No.3 Fort Nelson and the Portsdown Forts by Garry Mitchell

No.4 Hilsea Lines and Portsbridge by Garry Mitchell

No.5 Fort Gilkicker by David Moore

No.6 Fort Brockhurst and the Gomer-Elson Forts by David Moore

No.7 Fort Fareham by David Moore

No.8 The Stokes Bay Defences by David Moore

No.9 Fort Nelson by Garry Mitchell

No.10 The East Wight Defences by David Moore

No.11 Fort Rowner by David Moore

No.12 Portsmouth Lines and Southsea Defences by David Moore

No.13 Fort Blockhouse and Fort Monckton by David Moore

No.14 Fort Gomer and Fort Elson by David Moore