The case for creating a creative representation of The Gosport Tube

During WW1 when flying had just started, lots of pilots needed to learn from their flying instructors – but without turning the aircraft engine off (very dangerous) it was almost impossible to communicate, even when sitting close behind someone.  This was solved the invention of the Gosport Tube, an early communications device.  This voice tube was invented in 1917 by flying instructor Robert Raymond Smith-Barry at the School of Special Flying in Gosport. 

Gosport Heritage Open Days team is thinking of creating an artistic representation of the tube and want your views!

(please tick which you think is the best option)

1. On a Promo Stand at local Gosport events do you think being able to see a Gosport Tube (either creative or artefact) is an interesting way to hear about this year’s heritage Open Days theme Astounding Inventions?
2. Might you and your family be interested in joining a 'Make you own Tube' workshop activity?
3. Or would you prefer a 'Make you own Tube' at home activity during Heritage Open Days, 9-18 September with downloadable instructions and a short step-by-step video also giving the historic background, sound effects, etc? This might be 'Blue Peter' style, with cheap or readily available at home materials; instructions, history, relevance to place, atmosphere etc via different media (print, Makaton, visual, audio)
4. Do you think a 'creative' Gosport Tube would also be useful as an outreach or loan item to local schools as a lasting resource? This might be multi-sensory as a) tactile object; b) holds historical info in a visual way on textile; c) holds historical info and period atmosphere in an audible way d) offers personal options for further exploration via QR code.
5. Or do you think we’d be better purchasing an artefact Gosport Tube from eBay?
Let us know any comments you may have