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The Nature of Gosport during Lockdown – a community view

Digital event, accessible from your own location, Gosport, Hampshire

HIDDEN NATURE is the national theme for Heritage Open Days this year.   We have decided to look at this theme in two ways, both under our title of The Nature of Gosport during Lockdown – a community view


Firstly, the natural environment of Gosport

During the lockdown, many people have been exploring local beauty spots, some of which are quite hard to find!

People have also witnessed many animals emerging from their usual secret places during the peacefulness of lockdown.

  • Did you discover wildlife or plants in unusual places?
  • Whilst on your daily walk did you stumble across a lovely green space that you didn’t know was there?
  • Did you stop and take a few photos or a video clip?

If so, we’d love you to upload your own great ‘hidden nature’ pics to our webpage and tell us a bit about them. Be it bugs, birds or beaches; fish, flowers or foxes; sky at sunset, the rising dawn, or even bats in the belfry; please do share your images or stories of Gosport during this strange time.

Watch out for our video on The Hermitage Wildlife Garden, which is without a doubt one the best hidden green areas in Gosport.  We’ll even tell you how to find it and so you can explore for yourself!

Secondly, the human nature of our Gosport people 

Since WW2,  we’ve perhaps not had an event which has affected people throughout our Nation (and across the World) in such a restrictive and stressful way.

  • Did you or your neighbour do anything to support each other through lockdown?
  • Did your street all come together to celebrate in your front gardens on VE Day?
  • Did you see any extraordinary rainbows for the NHS?
  • What made you smile during isolated times?

If so, we’d love you to tell us your stories of what or who helped you during this strange time,  so that we can share them for everyone else to appreciate!



Take as short or as long as your wish to view as links will be live throughout the festival 11-20 September.  You can stop and return as many times as you want.