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British Pathe, the world’s leading multimedia resource with a history stretching back over a century.  It documented almost every aspect of life – the remarkable and the run-of-the mill, the extraordinary and the everyday.  Covering everything from major world events and exotic foreign travelogues to the pageantry of state occasions and gritty social issues, the company amassed a unique documentary record of 20th-century life.

We encourage you to visit the  British Pathe website to explore their extensive archive of film and stills.

For your home enjoyment during Heritage Open Days 2020, we highlight below some of their newsreel relating to Gosport.

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Gosport (1950)  (02:46)

Link to video of Gosport 1950


New submarine ‘snorting’ device being demonstrated at Gosport. 












America’s Cup Challenger (1934) (07.54)

Link to video of America's Cup Challenger (1934)


America Cup Challenger, yacht “Endeavour” is launched in Gosport.



Lee-On-Solent Naval Display (1962)  (01:29)

Link to video of Lee-On-Solent Naval Display (1962)


Aviation veterans watch display by Royal Navy aeroplanes at Lee-on-Solent.


Flying Display A Rn Air Station (1950)  (03:47)

Link to video of Flying Display A Rn Air Station 1950


Air-sea rescue and fire fighting demonstration by RN Fleet Air Arm at Lee-on-Solent 


Naval Air Display (1950) (00:41)

Link to viseo of Naval Air Display (1950)


Crowds gather to watch naval aircraft display in Lee-on-Solent


Naval Aircraft Display In Britain (1947)  (00:26)

Link to video of Naval Aircraft Display In Britain (1947)


Naval display of aircraft and helicopters old and new during Lee-on-Solent military airshow 


Goodbye Endeavour (1947) (01:22)

Link to video of Goodbye Endeavour (1947)


Former America’s Cup yachts, the Endeavour and The Endeavour II, are auctioned. 


Atlantic Crossed Under Water (1953)  (00:57)

Link to video of Atlantic Crossed Under Water (1953)


Submarine “Andrew” returns to Gosport, Hampshire, after recording the worlds first Atlantic crossing underwater.


‘copter Rescue By Scoop-Net (1955)  (01:18 )

Link to video of 'copter Rescue By Scoop-Net (1955)


New rescue device demonstrated at Gosport. Rescue net being fixed to helicopter by the inventor Lieutenant Commander Spraule,


The Fleet’s Out (1964) (01:17)

Link to video of The Fleet's Out (1964)


The Fleet’s Out. Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Helicopters For Malaya (1952)  (01:23)

Link to video of Helicopters For Malaya (1952)


Royal Naval Station, Gosport, Hampshire. The helicopters are from 848 Squadron and are being sent to help the fight against rebels in Malaya.


Helicopter Rescue (1951)  (01:33)

Link to video of Helicopter Rescue (1951)


Helicopter rescue at Gosport, Hampshire. Various shots men of 705 Squadron of Royal Navy Safety Equipment and Survival Training School getting on board a Westland Sikorsky helicopter. 


Suit To Save Life (1966)  (01:08)

Link to video of Suit To Save Life (1966)


“Gosport. Suit To Save Life”.
Gosport Depot ‘HMS Dolphin’, Hampshire. A new submarine escape suit is demonstrated.


“Men Like These …!” (1931) (04:11)

Link to video of "Men Like These ...!" (1931)

Admirals, Officers & men see Elstree’s epic admiration of the ‘Heroes of the Hidden Fleet’.  Rear Admiral Dunbar-Nasmith and Admiral Evans arrive at cinema with their wives. Groups of sailors arrive in uniform – they are men  from the submarine depot at Gosport. They make their way through the foyer of the cinema.


English Mourners Turn Out For Admiral Of The Fleet Jellicoe’s Funeral Procession… (1935)  (02:39)

Link to video of English Mourners Turn Out For Admiral Of The Fleet Jellicoe's Funeral Procession... (1935)


The state funeral procession for Admiral of the Fleet John Jellicoe moves slowly down the misty grey streets of London, through Trafalgar Square to St. Paul’s Cathedral, accompanied by a sombre funeral march 


Duke At HMS Dolphin (1961)  (01:24)

Link to video of Duke At HMS Dolphin (1961)


Duke opens new manoeuvring tank and watches submarine escape exercise on HMS Dolphin.


Saucer And Science – Barrow-In-Furness (1959) (03:40)

Link to video of Saucer And Science - Barrow-In-Furness (1959)


Saucer and Science Hit Headlines. Various shots submarines docking at Gosport, Hampshire.


Heroes Of The Poseidon (1931) (01:53)

Link to video of Heroes Of The Poseidon (1931)


Gosport. Heroes of The Poseidon. Leading Seamen Nagle & Holt decorated with British Empire Medal by the Commander in Chief. Sailors and submariners lined up in ranks at Naval base. 


Bring Back That Cup – Shamrock V Aka Bring That Cup Back – Shamrock V (1930) (01:07)

Link to video of Bring Back That Cup - Shamrock V Aka Bring That Cup Back - Shamrock V (1930)


“Bring that Cup back, Shamrock V for our veteran sportsman owner, who so richly deserves it!” Lady Shaftesbury names and launches Sir Thomas Lipton’s fifth Challenger for the America Cup. Gosport, Hampshire. 


To Win America’s Cup For Us At Last? (1933) (01:30)

Link to video of To Win America's Cup For Us At Last? (1933)


Launch of yacht designed to win the America’s Cup for Britain – the Valsheda.  Gosport, Hampshire





Meet HMS Dreadnought (1963)  (04:19)

Link to video of Meet HMS Dreadnought (1963)


Portsmouth, Hampshire & Brixham, Devon. GV. First Britain’s atomic submarine HMS Dreadnought alongside Portsmouth Harbour.


Headlines From The Pathe Newsdesk (1945) (02:15) Includes: 

Link to video of Headlines From The Pathe Newsdesk (1945)THE RADIO PROXIMITY FUSE BOMB Location unknown. Mute negative for the first 35 seconds

KING GEORGE V GRAVING DOCK Southampton, Hampshire. Good shot of the ship Queen Elizabeth with smoking funnels.


‘formidable’ Comes Home (1946) (00:53)

Link to video of 'formidable' Comes Home (1946)


Item title reads – ‘Formidable’ comes home. Portsmouth, Hampshire. Various shots as aircraft carrier ‘Formidable’ sails into Portsmouth Harbour. Various shots of crowds on the quayside waving.





Look Out Nelson (1959)  (00:43)

Link to video of Look Out Nelson (1959)


Guns from Admiral Nelson’s ship “Victory” are tested.


Self-Propelled Pontoon (1969)  (00:56)

Link to video of Self-Propelled Pontoon (1969)


The self-propelled pontoon ferry coming into shore at Havant.



Operation Puts Pipeline Under Channel (1945)  (04:36)

Link to video of Operation Puts Pipeline Under Channel (1945)


Operation Puts Pipeline Under Channel Various shots of huge reel of pipe in sea.



The Great Endeavour (1934)  (00:37)

Link to video of The Great Endeavour (1934)

Full title reads: “THE GREAT “ENDEAVOUR” – Mr T. O. M. Sopwith’s challenger for America’s Cup leaves Portsmouth for USA – and victory.” Portsmouth, Hampshire. Several shots of England’s boat “Endeavour” with its crew leaving Portsmouth harbour to sail to America to win America’s Cup.


Endeavour I Home Again (1937)  (04:57)

Link to video of Endeavour I Home Again (1937)


Endeavour I is towed to Gosport after an ordeal at sea. 


HMS Dreadnought Trials – Portsmouth (1963)  (05:04)

Link to video of HMS Dreadnought Trials - Portsmouth (1963)

Portsmouth.  Commander Samborne Captain of H M S Dreadnought standing on the submarine.  Bow of Dreadnought ploughing through the sea.  Below decks of general activity, plotting room and periscope etc. Crew eating in mess and getting rum ration.



The Portuguese Training Ship Portsmouth (1954)   (01:01)

Link to video of The Portuguese Training Ship Portsmouth (1954)

Portsmouth Harbour. The Portuguese naval training ship ‘Sagres’ a square-rigged warship.  The “Sagres” at moorings.  Crew in training on the yards, climbing up & down the rigging. The Lecture Room below. Engine room crew writing home. The wine issue. Mess Deck. Officers on deck. The Captain (in Mufti) Luciano Sena Pentinho leaving Steering wheel and Motto Crew dressed for shore, leaving ship.


Out Takes / Cuts From Cp 300 – Animal Hospital, Model Yacht Racing And Venetian Fete (1960)  (02:36)

Link to video of Out Takes / Cuts From Cp 300 - Animal Hospital, Model Yacht Racing And Venetian Fete (1960)


Cuts (rushes, out takes) for story in Colour Pictorial – CP 300. The original stories are also on Pathe Master tape *PM0113*. Middle item is MODEL YACHT racing at Gosport.


Attlee Goes Down In Submarine “Acheron” (1949)

Link to video of Attlee Goes Down In Submarine "Acheron" (1949)


Portsmouth. Newspaper cutting in the documentation about the visit by Mr Attlee. LS. G.V. Portsmouth harbour. MV. H.M.S. ‘Implacable’ alongside quay. SV.


Naval Air Display (1954)  (01:43)

Link to video of Naval Air Display (1954)


Royal Navy air display at Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire.


Selected Originals – Submarine ‘snorting’ Operation (1950)  (01:53)

Link to video for Selected Originals - Submarine 'snorting' Operation (1950)


Selected originals (offcuts, selected scenes, out-takes, rushes) for story “Gosport – Submarine Snorting Device” 50/41.



Record Salvage Feat (1931)  (02:10)

Link to video of Record Salvage Feat (1931)


A £2,000,000 battleship ‘Emperor of India’ refloated and towed to Portsmouth Harbour – ‘salvaged to be scrapped’.”

Not strictly Gosport, but thought some of you might enjoy these

News In A Nutshell Aka Sudbury (1936)  (03:31)

Link to video of News In A Nutshell Aka Sudbury (1936)


At 1:13  Endeavour II’s mast stepped in Gosport, Hampshire. Various shots of enormous new mast being fitted to racing yacht (this year’s British hope in the Americas’ cup). A massive crane has to be used to fit the mast in place.


Titchfield Carnival (1964) (01:18)

Link to video of Titchfield Carnival (1964)Little Titchfield (near Southampton), Hampshire.Film which records the fun and games of Titchfield Carnival. Various decorated houses, people in fancy dress, decorated floats etc. are shown. Various funny costumes. Narrator calls the Carnival is an open air fancy dress party. Shots of floats and costumed carnival goers as they move through the streets. They include someone dressed as Hilda Baker, two children posing as ballroom dancers on the “Come Dancing” float, Carnival Queen, the Titchfield Bonfire Boys etc.


News In A Nutshell (1935) (01:49)

Link to video of News In A Nutshell (1935)


At 1:36 The King’s racing yacht has been towed from East Cowes’ home to have modernising refit by Mr Charles Nicholson


Fareham – Four Foot One Marries Five Foot Ten (1938)  (07:25)

Link to video of Fareham - Four Foot One Marries Five Foot Ten (1938) 

Fareham, Hampshire. Various shots of jockey Arthur Jefferies (4′ 1″) and Miss Frances Sargant / Sargeant (5′ 10″) arriving at a registry office for their wedding ceremony. A small crowd of people wait outside. After the service, the newlyweds appear on the steps of the building and pose for the camera, with Arthur looking up at Frances. The car carrying the couple drives off as commentator remarks “Moral… it’s better to have loved a short girl than never to have loved a tall” (groan).


The Search For ‘affray’ (1951)  (12:28)

Link to video of The Search For 'affray' (1951)


Off the Isle of Wight,  ‘A’ class submarine leaving Portsmouth.  Aircraft flying overhead.  Air view of Isle of Wight. Air view of the Needles.