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Looking along Fort Blockhouse battery to the Solent


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Every year there are thousands of delighted visitors to Gosport’s heritage events, but also some who failed to secure tickets for the most popular events.

Some events like Fort Blockhouse only have spaces for a small number of people so it’s unsurprising that there is some disappointment… To improve your chances of getting a ticket here are some recommendations for our 28 bookable events.

Full event details at


Check the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) for the event on the booking link before booking opens at 0930 on Saturday 20 August

FAQs will show you how many places you can book, whether photo ID is required, if details like date of birth or car registration are needed, whether children are allowed, access and other information essential to booking

If booking more than one place, you will need to enter the FULL name of each person

Enter your Postcode and a telephone number if you are the Booker.

To avoid being ‘timed out,’ gather everything you need before you begin such as the dates and times of all the events you want to book

For those needing Assisted Booking, you can visit the Tourist Information Office or call the helplines 07849 399823 or 07531 001003

You may wish to print your tickets to remember what you have booked or put the dates and times in your calendar/diary/on your phone


The event organisers will have taken a lot of time to prepare their events, whether it’s a guided walk or a talk and really want every space to be filled. But often people book lots of events at the same time and then FORGET TO CANCEL, so we are left with empty spaces.

To avoid people being disappointed – if you have double booked or can no longer attend please CANCEL online (or call us) so other people on the Waiting List can take your place. Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness.

Do read our blog stories to whet your appetite for events and keep following the blog for more.

Finally please do remember that this year there will also be over 30 events where you can just turn up, so please enter the opening times for these events in your diary too!

Programmes are out now and BOOKING OPENS AT 9:30AM ON 20 AUGUST 2022

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