Events 1 – 27 need to be booked, all the rest just turn up and enjoy.

  Event TitleFri 13Sat 14Sun 15Mon 16Tue 17Wed 18Thr 19Fri 20Sat 21Sun 22
1St Mark's Churchyard Tour1000100010001000100010001000100010001000
2RCY: Feeding the Navy 10301030103010301030
3HMS Collingwood Heritage Collection1030+1330
4Gunboats to Funboats11001100
5Historic Rowner11301130
6Funerary and Flora1200120012001200
7Historical Wildgrounds1230+1530
8The D-Day Story – Gosport 19441330
9Onboard Medusa1100+14001100+14001100+1400
10Become a CITiZAN Archaeology Surveyor!1000+1300
11Fort Blockhouse1000+13301000+1330
12Royal Haslar Hospital 1000+14001000+14001000+14001400
13Village People1400140014001400
14Beer, Gas & Rubble11301130
15Haslar Peninsula ScootAbout1130
16Up Above the Streets & Houses130013001300
17The Somme1800
18Institute of Naval Medicine1000+1400
19Bridgemary through the Ages1400
20Haslar Peninsula WalkAbout11001100
21 Anglesey Hotel1130+1430
22The D-Day Story – Gosport 1944 at SEARCH1330
23HMS SULTAN – Aircraft Tours0900, 1030, 1200, 1330
24HMS SULTAN – Fort Rowner Tour0900, 1030, 1200, 1330
25HMS Sultan – Museums0900, 1030, 1200, 1330
26Walk the (Railway) Line11301130
27Variety Showtime1830
28Lee Coastwatch1000-15301000-15301000-15301000-15301000-15301000-15301000-15301000-15301000-15301000-1530
29Gosport’s Seamens Mission1000-1700
30Holy Trinity Church1000-19001000-18001300-1700
31Gosport Camera Club Exhibition1000-19001000-18001300-1700
32Haslar Cemetery1015+13001015+13001015+13001015+13001015+13001015+ 13001015+ 1300
33Diving History at No. 2 Battery1100-16001100-1600
34 HMS St Vincent Association1200-16001000-16001000-1600
35Life 60 years ago1300
36Death in the Afternoon15001500
37CITiZAN and archaeology at low tide in Gosport – Talk1800
38Lee Heritage Waterfront Walk1000100010001000
39Leesland C of E Infant School1000-15001000-1500
40Going to Church in Gosport1100
41Spook Spies: Alverstoke Adventures!1100-1300
42Explore Fort Brockhurst1100-15001100-1500
43Seek to Sea-more! – Create your own sunshine1100-1500
43Seek to Sea More! – Neat and Tide-y1100-1500
43Seek to Sea More – Seas and Greetings from the Pier1100-1500
43Seek and Sea More! – Arts and Sharks1100-1500
44Shore Leave Haslar1100-15001100-1500
45Skulls at Rat Island – Talk1400
46Morning Tide WI Choir1500
47Compton Cinema Organ1000-1500
48Hovercraft Museum1000-1600
49Leesland Park140014001400
50Facebook Exhibition1100-21001100-21001100-21001100-21001100-15001100-1500
51WW1 Gosport – Peace at Last1100-21001100-21001100-21001100-21001100-15001100-1500
52WWI Cartoons1100-21001100-21001100-21001100-21001100-15001100-1500
53Blakes: An Elson Grievance1400
54Grange Airfield1900
55Scrap Happy Quilters Display0900-19000900-19000900-19000900-19000900-1700
56For and Against: The Gosport School Question1400
57Who was the great Smith-Barry?1400
58‘Lost Souls’ – a WW1 family story19001400
59Pop-up Museum1100-15001100-15001100-1500
60The Vic Hutfield Story1400
61Mills around Portsmouth Harbour1530
62Alver House and Bay House19001400
63Old House at Home D-Day Quiz2000
64Children’s School Choir1300
65Stanley Park & Alverbank Fayre1000-1600
66Provincial Buses1030-1530
67Make a Peace Map Dove
68‘Dare to Dream’ craftivism workshop1100-1500
69The Fighting Cocks – Heritage Quiz1900
70Going to Church in Gosport 1851 at St Thomas’1100
71Gosport Lifeboat Station1100+11451100+1145
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