1. Gender
2. Age
3. Did you visit with children in your party today?
If yes, how many were under the age of 15?
4. Postcode
5. If you live outside of the area, are you?
6. If you spent any money in the area during the day, how much did you spend?
7. Name of place/event you visited*
8. Was the event:
9. If the event that you visited was bookable, how would rate the booking system?
10. How enjoyable was your visit?
Please tell us what you liked or didn't like
11. Is this the first year you have attended a Gosport Heritage Open Days event?
If No - How many years have you been attending?
12. Visiting this event has inspired me to .... (please tick all that apply)
13. How often do you visit heritage attractions during the year?
14. How did you find out about the Gosport Heritage Open Days event you visited this year? (Please tick all that apply)
15. Please tell us what made you decide to visit this particular site/event?
16. How would you describe your ethnic origin?
17. Do you have a disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010?
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