An Island Fortress

An Island Fortress 1941 British Pathe

“An Island Fortress”.

Off British Coast.

Various L/Ss of a fortress constructed from concrete and metal built in the sea of few miles from the coast. Shots are taken from a launch approaching the fortress. The fortress was built in Queen Victoria’s time to protect Britain from invasion. C/U of two soldiers looking out of window in fortress. Various shots of stores being brought onto the fort from a naval supply launch. M/S of the lookouts at work in the fort. Various shots of one of the forts’ guns being loaded and turned towards the sea.

Various shots of chef cooking in fort kitchen. M/S of the commander of the fort, he is tending onions growing in a window box. Various shots of a table in the canteen where seamen are eating. C/U of Naval officer looking through binoculars. L/S of the sea. Various shots of sailor operating signalling lamp. C/U of soldiers drinking beer and playing cards. C/U of pinup photographs. Various shots of soldiers playing snooker and laughing. M/S guard on the fort, he is silhouetted against the sea.