3 January

Today in Gosport’s Past:-  on 3 January 2015, the large car carrier “Hoegh Osaka” was run onto the Bramble Bank, off Lee-on-Solent, in order to prevent the ship capsizing.She was carrying a cargo of 1,400 posh cars and 70 items of construction equipment.

The ship was listing at an angle of 52 degrees; the crew of 24 were rescued by the coastguard from Lee-on-Solent, RAF Westland Sea King helicopters, and by lifeboat. Lifeboats from Cowes and Yarmouth were in attendance, as well as some tugs.

Efforts to right the vessel on 7th January had to be abandoned because of it being discovered that more water than thought had got into the ship. Salvage was left in the hands of Svitzer; a maritime exclusion zone of 200 metres around the vessel was put into action, as was a mile of airspace for flying below 2000 ft. Due to high winds and a high tide, the ship refloated herself later on 7 January, and was able to be towed a couple of miles to Alpha Anchorage (between Lee-on-Solent and East Cowes, and was kept there until it was figured out what the next steps would be.

Over the following fortnight, water was pumped out, and by 22 January the list had been reduced to just 5 degrees, and she was towed to Southampton without any injuries or further mishap. On 10 February, she was fit enough to get to Falmouth Docks (Cornwall) under her own power, where repairs took place, and the ship was back in service just 10 days later, on 20 February, heading for the Mediterranean. And they all lived happily ever after, boys and girls….
Credits to original photographers.