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28 September

Today in Gosport’s Past:-  on 28 September 1968, the last Hovertravel service between Stokes Bay and Ryde took place. The first SR-N6 hovercraft carried passengers from the hovercraft terminal (near No.2   Battery) to Ryde on 24 July 1965, and, along with the Southsea-Ryde run, was the first REGULAR service in the world, despite two or three short-lived trial periods from the Wirral, and across the Bristol channel. To be honest, I’d imagine that most locals were glad to see the back of it; although it was a prestigious service, and fairly unique, it WAS very noisy. I know – we lived in Vectis Road at the time, then The Avenue, and it WAS loud. Oh well, never mind…. Credits to original photographers.