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14 July

Today in Gosport’s Past:- on 14th July 1950, a barge at Bedenham Pier exploded, with the loss of several lives, some munitions barges, Bedenham Pier itself, and a fair amount of munitions. One of the men working on the pier had gone off for his break, leaving his coat hung up in a hut on the pier; although this was a very lucky escape, his coat, along with the pier, had gone when he returned. It was payday, and his pay packet was inside his coat pocket. By a stroke of luck, his coat was found by a woman when it was washed up on the shore, complete with aforementioned pay packet. Others were far less fortunate…


Also Today in Gosport’s Past:- on 14th July 1982, sister ships HMS “Intrepid” & HMS “Fearless” returned to a tumultuous welcome in Portsmouth harbour following the Falklands war.