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St Vincents Singers (Event from 2017)

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Gosport Discovery Centre, High Street, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BT

The St. Vincent Singers formed in 1977 as a choir of parents of pupils at St Vincent Community School in Gosport (on the site of the former St Vincent Royal Marine Barracks) who asked if they could form a group to sing ‘just for fun’. It has been led virtually since its inception by Maureen Swire, who was Head of Music at the School.

40 years on, they are a well established and respected community choir of around 35 members. They specialize in entertaining in such places as old peoples homes, hospitals, churches, and a variety of community events. Around 50 concerts are performed each year, with a particularly busy time at Christmas.

Enthusiasm, dedication and the ability to transmit enjoyment to others are the main qualities of the singers, rather than vocal ability…. But they are sure to entertain with their brilliant mix of song, comedy and costume. Come along and join in the fun as they sing a medley of popular songs by the Bookworm Cafe in the Discovery Centre.

Duration approx 60 mins


Please note that this is an Event from 2017


No Booking Needed


Arrive early if you want to find seating or bring your own fold up chair.




St Vincent Singers


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Gosport Discovery Centre, High Street, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BT