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St Mark’s Churchyard Tour

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St Marks Road, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 2DA

St. Marks Church was built in 1844 as part of Robert Cruickshank’s development of ‘Angleseyville’ and it was demolished in 1911. The cemetery remains today and the foundations of the church can still be seen.

Hear about the lives of the people who lay beneath this soil. The heritage guide will give you an insight into a number of those who in Victorian times and early 20th century lived adventurous lives and served their country and their society. This is a very peaceful area, with absolutely lovely flowers which add to its serenity and beauty. St Marks Churchyard is a treasure in the history of Gosport!

This site, once overlooked and over-run, is now cared for by its ‘Friends’ group whose practical skills and gardening have maintained the churchyard as a pleasant memorial and garden in the Anglesey community. Two books have been written from the research carried out by volunteer, Roy Harris.

Duration approx: 60 minute tour plus question time.


Friday 9 September: 1030
Saturday 10 September: 1030
Sunday 11 September: 1030
Monday 12 September: 1030
Tuesday 13 September: 1030
Wednesday 14 September: 1030
Thursday 15 September: 1030
Friday 16 September: 1030
Saturday 17 September: 1030
Sunday 18 September: 1030


Pre-booking: Required
Please self book, but if you experience any difficulties please contact us
Call: 07849 399 823

Booking opens: 20 August 2022 09:30
Booking closes: 7 September 2022 17:00



On-street parking is available in St Mark’s Road and Crescent Road. Space between gravestones is rather narrow in some places but wheelchairs can get to most of the site, which is level. The Churchyard is relatively small so no need to walk far, but seating is not available on site. A good event for those who don’t like crowds, also for sensory experiences of touch and smell.

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Please arrive 15 mins before start, if possible.

Books and woodwork items are available to purchase, if wished.


Friends of St Marks


MAP/DIRECTIONS (approximate)

Just off the junction with Crescent Road, opposite the Anglesey Hotel.