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Rowner’s Place in History (event from 2017)

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Nimrod Community Centre, 17 Falcon Meadows Way, Gosport, Hampshire, PO13 8AA

This decade Rowner has been undergoing major regeneration and many fresh faces have come to settle in newly-built houses. At the heart of Rowner there is a large school, a family centre, a youth club and a community centre with lots of modern facilities. But what was there before?

‘Rowners Place in History’ will explain through 3 interesting exhibitions, why this area of Rowner was so important during WW1, along with the role that Gosport played throughout 1914-1918 and also on that fateful day of 6th June 1944.

The WW1 exhibitions were created based on research by local children, elderly residents and other Gosport community groups. The resulting stories are poignant in content yet brightly portrayed through textiles, audio descriptions, craftwork, music and atmospheric sounds, timeline banners, a replica Great War newspaper, and also interactive Discovery Boards which have features making them especially accessible to people with visual impairments.

The WW2 exhibition, ‘A Day We Will Never Forget’, features audio recollections from 9 Gosport people sharing their experiences during the run-up and execution of D-Day. Gosport played a massive role in the mass embarkation of troops, tanks and machinery of war destined for the Normandy beaches of France. These memories are very descriptive and are enhanced by photographs of Gosport from this time and some wartime artefacts.


Please note that this is an Event from 2017


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Visitors wishing to make best use of the audio tracks may wish to bring their personal headphones to connect to the Discovery Pens.



Rowner Community Trust, Gosport Heritage, Splodge Designs

MAP/DIRECTIONS (Approximate)

The area has changed considerably over the past two years. Please aim for Siskin School site and use the community car park. You can also park for a limited time in the big Tesco’s store car park and walk through. Our closest bus stops are on Howe Road and Grange Lane on routes 9 and 9a.