Reverend Bingham, Saint or Sinner? (event from 2014)

Bingham Fet

Reverend Bingham, Saint or Sinner? (event from 2014)

Gosport Discovery Centre, P012 1BT

Historian Terry Hinkley gives a lively talk about Richard Bingham, the longest serving minister of Gosport Chapel, who was also a publican, Justice of the Peace, entrepreneur and served six months in prison for fraud!

Also, Clive Luff of Newtown Brewery, explains how his new small business is on the verge of going into micro-brewing production including ‘Bingham’s’, a tribute to Reverend Bingham.


Talk / Audio

Opening Times

2015 event details available from July

First floor desk, Gosport Discovery Centre, High Street, PO12 1BT
Booking opens: 16 August 2014 09:00
Booking closes: 10 September 2014 16:00

Tickets available from Gosport Discovery Centre


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Holy Trinity
Bingham's Ale
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