Make a Peace Map Dove (Event from 2019)

Make a Peace Map Dove (Event from 2019)

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The Alverbank Country House Hotel, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 2QT

Children, join our crafting table and make your own WW1 ‘Peace Map Dove’ to take home or to hang in the trees of Stanley Park and The Alverbank.

The Great War (WW1) raged from 1914, one hundred years ago. From November 1918 and through into 1919, peace was celebrated in communities with street parties and civic events. As part of three projects* undertaken in recent years on the role of Gosport and its people during The Great War, local children engaged in craft activities to produce a range of WW1 themed display material. One of the things they created were Map Doves; bird-shapes cut from paper printed with period maps of Europe and Gosport.

In our craft workshop for HODs, children can recreate these ‘Map Doves’ as a symbol of the Peace which followed the end of WW1.

* The projects were created by Splodge Designs and managed by Gosport HODs with funding from the HLF. The full project works can be seen at


Please note that this is an Event from 2019


No Booking Needed – Just turn up and enjoy


Some free parking by hotel, especially suitable for disabled or elderly visitors. Also lots of ‘pay to park’ spaces on the main bay road. Close to X5 and 9/9a bus routes. The Alverbank offers a wide range of refreshment/food throughout this time. Bar snacks, full meals, afternoon teas, and delicious ice creams are all available to purchase.





This activity will be around a table with all materials provided for children to work with. A parent/guardian should please stay with each child to assist and supervise them.


Gosport HODs & The Alverbank

MAP/DIRECTIONS (Approximate)

Turn off Stokes Bay Road opposite the sea wall.

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