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‘Hidden Gosport’ (The story behind the story)

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Part of The Gosport Area Facebook Exhibition at Fort Brockhurst

An intro by professional cinematographer, Mark, from Gosport Graphics


After the hundreds of replies to my original question of “What would you like to see in a video postcard of the area?” in ‘The Gosport Area: memories and photos, past and present’ Facebook group, the concept continuously evolved until it culminated in a nine organisation mini ‘epic’. 

200 local miles driven within the Gosport border, 25+ hours of raw film footage, over 50 hours of editing and MANY sleepless nights have led us to this point in time; 70 mins of HD film; 9 iconic local venues opening their doors for on-screen tours, viewpoints and access to areas the public generally never get to see!

The most resonating feeling throughout the whole finished production is the sheer passion with which all the participants go about their duties. Their personal knowledge on the pastime of their choosing is quite frankly staggering! Although staffed primarily by volunteers, these organisations rely heavily on fundraising and the like to ensure their survival.

This production has been fully self-funded, with NO investors taking up the option to become a part of the project. Personally, we feel they have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something positive, and dare we say, something special.

You may obtain your very own copy of this ‘movie’ (available mid September 2014) by visiting:

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