WWI Cartoons: ‘Fragments of France’  (Event from 2018)

WWI Cartoons: ‘Fragments of France’ (Event from 2018)

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Fort Brockhurst, Gunners Way, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 4DS

Captain Bruce Bairnsfather, who served in France, became world-famous during the First World War for his ‘Fragments from France’ cartoons depicting life at the Front.

As the creator of Old Bill, a walrus moustachioed old soldier who appeared in many of his drawings, published weekly from 1915, his cartoons caught the imagination of the men on The Front Line, and their families back home. He quickly became a household name and the first published volume of ‘Fragments from France’ sold over a million copies. His cartoons were also reproduced on all manner of merchandise from postcards and playing cards to car mascots, jigsaws, handkerchiefs, and much more. There was even a range of Bairnsfather Ware china. Old Bill went on to appear in books, plays and films, and in 1919 Bairnsfather was credited as “The Man Who Made the Empire Laugh in its Darkest Hour.”

Displays kindly loaned by Mark Warby of the Bruce Bairnsfather Society.


Please note that this is an Event from 2018


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Richard Bourke


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