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‘Forgotten Disasters’ (Royal Navy) (Event from 2017)

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Royal Naval Association, 66 Fareham Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO13 0AG

Author and historian Richard Jones has dedicated his life to the research of shipwrecks and other historic disasters. Over 20 years of research has resulted in an extensive archive, published books and successful memorial campaigns.

In this illustrated talk, Richard will look at various shipwrecks and disasters to hit the Royal Navy, starting with the sinking of the Mary Rose in 1545 and ending with the grounding of HMS Nottingham in 2002. He’ll explain the different incidents, comparing modern-day to previous times, and also look at how lessons were learned after events such as WW2 and the Falklands.

Richard is already a well-published author on wider disaster subjects such as ‘The Great Gale of 1871’, ‘Capsized in the Solent: the SRN6-012 Hovercraft Disaster’ and his latest ‘Royal Victoria Rooms: The Rise and Fall of a Bridlington Landmark’.

He is also a long-serving member of the Royal Navy, so the Royal Naval Association is an excellent venue for his event.

Duration: approx 60 minutes


Please note that this is an Event from 2017


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Please arrive 10 mins before start time.


Richard M Jones / The Gosport RNA




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