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Thank you so much for participating in Gosport Heritage Open Days (GHODs) 2020.  We hope your event was a great success this year. Please can we ask for your support with one more task – completing this form. It provides invaluable information for us to share with our supporters and funders, and enables us to understand where there is scope for improvements.

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5. If your event is usually open to the public, was there any noticeable difference in the types of people visiting?
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6. Have you organised a GHODs event before?
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7. In what capacity do you organise your GHODs event?
8. How many Staff were needed to run your event?
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9. From what sources/organisations did you draw your helpers and volunteers? (Tick all that apply)
10. How many hours did you spend on organising your event?
11. How much money did you spend on organising your GHODs event?
12. Did you receive any sponsorship/funding for GHODs?
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13. Did you use any of the following to raise money during GHODs?
14. How valuable do you find the supoort provided by the GHODs team?
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15.Do you see yourself taking in part in GHODs in 2022?