We try to make Heritage Open Days events accessible to as wide a range of visitors as possible.

In Gosport, we try to make Heritage Open Days events accessible to as wide a range of visitors as possible, including those people with disabilities.  Our Event Organisers have found that often small changes can make big differences to disabled visitors and that by improving facilities for people with disabilities we are in fact making our events better for everyone!

Access means more than just whether a person using a wheelchair can get around, although that’s important too.  It’s also about people with a whole range of impairments like hearing, seeing, learning etc.

We try to think about families with children in buggies, people who might just get puffed or tired after a little walking, those who respond better to info in other forms than written, people who may feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in crowds etc.

We’d like everyone to be able to engage with our activities at some level.

We can’t make our old buildings and events perfect for everyone but we strive to improve what we can.  In Gosport, we are lucky to have advice from the Gosport Access Group and Disability Forum.

They help us to:

  • Give detailed information about each event (by way of symbols) so that people can make educated choices about where is best for them to visit
  • Plan inclusive features in some events which may be especially helpful to certain groups (such as children’s activities, accessible buses, British Sign Language interpretation,  object handling, audio info etc)
  • Accommodate group visits from local clubs for disabled or elderly
  • Ensure that our promotion is in accessible formats and reaches out into all areas of our community
  • Engage with hard to reach people through an interesting outreach project

For help with your specific access needs at our Heritage Open Days event or to discuss outreach opportunities, please contact us on:

Tel/Text: 07531 001003

Email: info@gosportheritage.co.uk


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