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  • 29 november

    29 November

    Today in Gosport’s Past:-  on 29 November 1841, trains used the Gosport-Fareham railway line for the first time. I’ve been unable to discover whether there were any official opening celebrations on this date.  The scheduled date for the opening had been 26 July 1841, but …

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  • 1 may

    1 May

    Today in Gosport’s past: as of 1 May 1930, trains between Fort Brockhurst and Lee-on-the-Solent no longer stopped at the intermediate halts at Gomer, Browndown, and Elmore. The last passenger train ran on 31 December 1930. In happier times, some army bigwig is seen arriving …

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  • 20 may

    20 May

    Today in Gosport‘s Past:- on 20 May 2013, Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS “Ark Royal” (R07) was towed from Portsmouth harbour for scrapping in Turkey. “Ark Royal”, the 5th RN ship to carry the name, was ordered in December 1978 as the third and final …

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  • 1 june

    1 June

    Today in Gosport‘s Past:-on 1 June 1865, the third side of a railway triangle was opened between Lees Lane and Daisy Lane, enabling trains ( or through coaches) to get directly from London (Waterloo) and/or Eastleigh to travel directly to and from Stokes Bay Pier …

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  • 6 july

    6 July

    Today in Gosport’s Past: on 6 July 1914, the very first aircraft arrived at Grange Airfield, the construction of which had begun in February of that year. The first planes belonged to the Army, as part of the Royal Flying Corps; the RAF wasn’t formed …

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  • 7 july

    7 July

    Today in Gosport’s Past: on 7 July 1993, the late great B B King performed at the late great Ritz, with supporting act Horace Batchelor, the singer/front man of which was Kevin Eldon, now much more widely known as a comedian and ‘an actor’. Great …

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  • 13 july

    13 July

    Today in Gosport’s Past: on 13 July 1954, the official opening took place of the Submarine Escape Training Tank (SETT) tower at HMS Dolphin, Haslar. Credits to original photographer.

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  • Bedenham Pier

    14 July

    Today in Gosport’s Past:- on 14th July 1950, a barge at Bedenham Pier exploded, with the loss of several lives, some munitions barges, Bedenham Pier itself, and a fair amount of munitions. One of the men working on the pier had gone off for his …

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  • horse drawn tram

    17 July

    Today in Gosport’s Past: on 17th July 1882, the first horse-drawn tram service commenced between Gosport ferry and Anns Hill. These were replaced by electric trams on 24th January 1906. Here’s some relevant pics, credits to original photographers.

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  • 20 July

    Today in Gosport’s Past: on 20th July 1955, HM The Queen Mother officially opened Northcott House & the Northcott Close retirement complex. The house and bungalows are set in delightful grounds, which occupy part of the 70 acre grounds of Bury Hall, a splendid mansion, …

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