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19 May

Today in Gosport‘s Past:- on 19th May 1897, HMS “Trincomalee” was sold for scrap to Pounds scrapyard in Portsmouth; fortunately, she was saved at the eleventh hour and restored for use as a training ship at Pembroke, being renamed TS “Foudroyant”. After the death of her owner, his wife donated the ship for continuance of the training facility, and she was moved to Gosport in 1932. She continued to serve as a training ship until 1986; on 24th July 1987 she was transported by barge to Hartlepool, and subsequently fully restored as HMS “Trincomalee”. Coincidentally, it was also on 19th May 1960, Princess Margaret visited Portsmouth, and after being shown over HMS “Victory”, she then spent several hours on board TS “Foudroyant”, and enjoyed a singalong with the Sea Rangers. HMS “Trincomalee” was launched at the Wadia Shipyards in Bombay, India, on 12th October 1817, making her the second oldest warship in the world still afloat – only the USS “Constitution” is older. Credits to original photographers.